Wendy Symons is an Almere (The Netherlands) based autodidact photographer, who has travelled across Europe capturing unfiltered, and often times vulnerable, moments in time.

Intrigued by the small and delicate precision of everyday moments, Wendy has an eye for detail and a heart for genuine connections. Wendy approaches her practice with a deep sensitivity and appreciation for all stages of life, but pays particular attention to the early motherhood experience. Using an honest and intimate storytelling approach, whether it be the bond between a mother and her child or that of a female tribe, from fascinating landscapes to capturing everyday moments showing true significance. 

Wendy works with a mixture of digital and 35mm film and is able take you along on a journey of unfiltered vulnerable snippets, captured to look back on with tremendous love and pride.

For commercial or business collaborations,  please send an e-mail with the details so that we can discuss rates and possibilities accordingly. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Selected exhibitions/ Publications

2023 - ImageNation Paris / Exhibition at Galerie Joseph Le Palais

2023 - ImageNation Milan / Exhibition at Fondazione Luciana Matalon gallery Milano

2023 - Collaeter.al

2023 - Wilde Vrouw Magazine

2023 - FRESH EYES International talent 

2023 - AAP Magazine 30 Shadows

2023 - ODD Photo price longlist

2023 - Photo Vogue

2023 - Docu Magazine

2023 - Photography in the visual culture Volume 2 

2023 - Photography in the visual culture / Exhibition at Centro International  Di Fotografia "Letizia Battaglia" Palermo

2022 - Wilde Vrouw Magazine

2022 - Haute Photography

2022 - GUP Talent

2022 - Photo Vogue

2022 - Artdoc Photography Magazine 
Light in Darkness

2020 - Happi Kidz / Happinez Magazine

2019 - Rock your Crystals -Hanneke Peeters

New Photo Talent 2022

Wendy Symons got selected as a GUP/NEW Photography Talent 2022. She is included in the 2022 book edition. 

NEW shows you the 70 most appealing and upcoming photography talents from The Netherlands.