We strive to raise our children close to nature, fostering a deep connection with the natural world. In today’s society, there is little room for doing things at one’s own pace, which we believe is essential. Modern life often feels disconnected from nature, missing out on its vital benefits.

What does it feel like to truly set your own rhythm and feel free as a human being? How does this freedom impact our children and their mental well-being?

Through this project, I aim to explore the profound effects of a life intertwined with nature. By capturing our journey through photography, I seek to document our experiences as we learn, grow, and discover the world around us. Each image will tell a story of exploration, from identifying plants and animals to understanding the rhythms of nature and how they influence our daily lives.

Our homeschooling and nomadic lifestyle allow us to break free from conventional constraints and embrace a more holistic approach to education and living. This project is not just about our family’s journey, but also a reflection on how reconnecting with nature can inspire and nurture the human spirit in a broader sense.

Riverside Reverie